New Web App Can Now Track the Colors of Your 2018 Instagram Photos

With a new web app, now you can look back on the colors of your year. It makes a mosaic out of the colors in your Instagram photos. The app, Year of Colour is a third-party web app, it analyzes your snapshots of events and moments and determines what your favorite colors are to post.

New Web App Can Now Track the Colors of Your 2018 Instagram Photos

This web app is made by Stef Lewandowski, a venture builder based in London. He is being inspired by his wife, Emily Quinton. She owns a company called Makelightthat. It helps people to improve their Instagram presence to coax more people into pressing that “follow” button.

Stef Lewandowski said:

“Maybe there’s a way of using some AI, some machine vision and bit of big data crunching — all those buzzwords — and apply it to something that’s quite human, That is, answering the question of “how do I look on the internet if you just looked at it through the lens of the color palettes that you’re sharing.”

In order to use it, you need to sign in to the app using your Instagram account. The app works only for public accounts. The app creates a bubble chart of all of the colors you posted on Instagram over the year.

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