New WhatsApp Update Fixes a Frustrating Issue for Android Users

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app around the Globe. The standalone messaging app has many features in it. You can make audio and video call using this app. You can put your status that will disappear after 24-hours just like story feature in Snapchat or Instagram. However, when we see many features in one app, there will also some feature that may not like others. Using WhatsApp, users can send voice note also. But when a phone call or battery loss disrupted the recording of a voice clip, the message would be lost. And the users were forced to navigate away from the app. But now New WhatsApp Update Fixes this Frustrating Issue for Android Users.

New WhatsApp Update will allow the Android Users to record the voice note without any interruption

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Now, users who use the voice message function can use it as easy as any interruptions will not mean they lose their message. So, now  they can send voice messages more conveniently. New WhatsApp update will allow you to navigate back to the app. Moreover, you will find your voice clip intact, stopped at the point you were interrupted. You will also get the option to listen to the message again, and either send it to your friends or delete it.

No doubt, WhatsApp is working so hard to make its app more convenient and user-friendly. This new WhatsApp update will help the users to send voice messages more easily.

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