Next Samsung Phone will Blow Your Mind with New ISOCELL Plus Technology

Samsung has just announced its brand-new ISOCELL Plus technology. The ISOCELL technology is a typical component in smartphone sensors but with this brand new ISOCELL Plus technology, Samsung promises improved color accuracy and better light sensitivity from upcoming smartphone cameras.

Samsung New ISOCELL Plus Technology Replaces Meal Barriers

Samsung’s new ISOCELL Plus camera sensors are set to deliver better color accuracy and light sensitivity in smartphone photos.

Samsung explains on its website:

“In current ISOCELL camera sensors, a physical metal barrier is laid down between pixels in order to “reduce color cross-talk”. The metal barrier has a side-effect of absorbing or reflecting incoming light, leading to reduced photo quality”

This new ISOCELL Plus technology by Samsung replaces metal barrier with a new material developed by Fujifilm. Which improves photo quality by reducing reflection/absorption. With this technology, Samsung promises a 15 percent improvement in light sensitivity and higher color fidelity.

Samsung claims that ISOCELL Plus sensors will also be beneficial for higher resolution cameras and would allow for 0.8 micron as well as for smaller pixels.

Most cameras give you best results during the day but not so good at night. The better night-time photos can be taken with pixel-binning or with a large image sensor which in return increases the phone’s thickness or you can get good results at night with a dual-camera setup. The new Samsung technology gives better solution without sacrificing size or resolution.

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