NIC is Graduating 15 Startups Today

Today NIC is hosting the event of the year. Yes, dear readers, it will be a great event of the day or we can say that it is going to be an eventful day at the NIC.

Many Industry veterans, Government officials, seasoned entrepreneurs and of course the graduating startups are attending this magnificent event with great enthusiasm.  NIC is going to graduate their 15 startups today from the second cohort. It is the public-private partnership between Jazz, ignite and Team up.

NIC is Graduating 15 Startups Today

It is the proud moment that today the second cohort of startups is graduating. All the participants at the National Incubation Centre are so passionate in the buzzing atmosphere.

NIC is congratulating and giving farewell to these 15 amazing startups who are graduating today. Amongst these 15 amazing startups, there are some superstars who have done very well.

NIC is now moving towards the next cohort induction. So watch out and be a part of that.

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