Nintendo collaborates with Pokemon Go for Android games

Nintendo and the US company behind the smash hit Pokemon Go are teaming up to create augmented reality smartphone games, the two companies announced onTuesday.

Nintendo’s lovable half-vegetable, half-animal Pikmin characters will star in their first collaboration, which is set to debut later this year.

Images and animations can be overlaid on the real-world view captured by a smartphone’s rear camera using augmented reality (AR) technology.

“We’re excited to work together to shape the future of AR without elaborating on which other Nintendo characters might be in the works for AR games“, said Nintendo CEO

It was crucial to the success of Niantic’s Pokémon Go, which delighted users all over the world by allowing them to see Pokemon characters in their own neighborhoods.

Nintendo has a history of being hesitant to share its characters outside of their traditional consoles, and unlike others in the industry, has been slow to embrace the rapidly expanding and popular world of smartphone gaming. This changed when they launched mobile versions of some of their games, such as Super Mario Run in 2016 and Mario Kart Tour in 2019.

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According to tracker Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go has been a great success since its 2016 launch, gaining more than a billion dollars in the first ten months of 2020 alone.

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