Nintendo Switch Pro with OLED display and more to launch this year

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular portable gaming systems on the market, with console-quality games that can be played on the move. However, after its original introduction in 2017, the system has remained unchanged until last year, when rumors of a new Nintendo Switch Pro surfaced.

Samsung is rumored to be aiming to begin mass manufacturing of the panels in June, in time for the Nintendo Switch Pro to debut during the holiday season of 2021. Anyone who has spent months looking for a place to buy the PS5 or the Xbox Series X would be relieved to hear that a new 4K-ready system is on the way. Would you believe it, though? The sources for the story are unnamed insiders.

Starting with the Switch Pro, little is known about the internals of the gadget. Switch’s Pro-variant, on the other hand, would have a larger 7-inch screen than the present 6.2-inch display, according to Vandal’s claim. It will have an OLED display instead of the LCD display seen on the current model, as well as smaller bezels.

Nintendo is also said to be improving the output resolution on the next Switch device, perhaps allowing for 4K TV output. This is higher than the 1080p output provided in the current Nintendo Switch’s TV mode.

Nayab Khan

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