Nissan’s Electrifying Vision for Europe: A Glimpse of the All-Electric Future

Nissan is offering a sneak peek at a new electric concept vehicle designed for the European market, indicating its commitment to go fully electric in Europe by 2030. The concept car, known as the Concept 20-23, showcases a compact, sporty design with distinctive circular daytime-running lights.

As part of its “Ambition 2030” initiative, Nissan plans to introduce 19 new electric vehicles and eight “electrified” vehicles globally. The European market will be a focal point of this transition, where a significant portion of Nissan’s global electric vehicle sales already occur.

Nissan’s current European lineup includes hybrid and electric models such as the non-plugin hybrid Qashqai crossover, the electric Nissan Ariya, and the Townstar electric van. This move underscores Nissan’s dedication to a sustainable and electrified future in the automotive industry.

Nissan is charting an all-electric course for Europe, and the roadmap includes an electric version of the compact Micra, positioned as Nissan’s entry-level offering in the region. Additionally, there’s a mysterious new vehicle in development, slated for production at Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the UK.

In a bid to power this electric transformation, Nissan is laying the groundwork to slash battery costs by a whopping 65% by 2028. These plans involve a shift to more cost-effective battery chemistries that steer clear of cobalt, a material often associated with ethical concerns.

Simultaneously, Nissan is reaffirming its commitment to rolling out solid-state batteries, a technology it claims can drastically reduce EV charging times to just a third of current rates while bringing down battery costs to as low as $75 per kWh, with a future target of $65 per kWh. To put this in perspective, batteries for mass-produced EVs in 2022 averaged around $153 per kWh, according to the US Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office.

Despite Nissan’s pledge to embrace an all-electric lineup in the coming decade, the company’s progress in this direction has been somewhat understated. While Nissan enjoyed early success with the Nissan Leaf in the electric vehicle market, recent developments like the Ariya SUV have leaned toward the conservative side. Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting Nissan’s next-generation EVs, hoping they’ll be more than just concept cars.

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