NITB Warns Users After Critical Vulnerabilities found in Web Browsers

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) has asked the public to update their versions of their web browsers as dangerous vulnerabilities found in them could lead to major potential cyber-attacks.

According to the NITB, these critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in web browsers namely Mozilla Firefox, Firefox ESR, & Mozilla Thunderbird enabling the attackers to execute malicious code in users web browsers, allowing website cloning for cyberattacks on services.

NITB Warns Users After Critical Vulnerabilities found in Web Browsers

This was the ninth alert issued by the NITB  during past few weeks warning consumers of cyber threat. It is a very serious matter as personal data of the general public is at stake and the concerned authorities must take serious action to curb any potential cyber-attacks. Due to which, the board has urged the public to update the latest versions of these web browsers for security purposes and to save personal data of public from hackers.

Lately, the Board has been urging the users to remain watchful against phishing emails. The board alerted users by saying,

Phishing emails carrying malicious doc file named as Protocol.doc is being spread for info-stealing. It gathers the user’s browsers, emails, & FTP client’s information & sends it to the attacker’s servers.

In addition to that, the board also alerted users against phishing Emails attached with malicious attachments containing PDF’s & Links with the capacity to steal passwords through User’s Browsers, Email & FTP Clients to Hackers servers. Due to which NITB has urged the public not to download any email links or Pdf files from unknown sources.

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