The Nokia & Microsoft Partnership

The famous international mobile company Nokia is one of the brand favorites in Pakistan. Though still producing smart and touch screen phones, The Nokia low end devices are the main reason of its fame. Nokia has always been known for its easy to use, affordable and reliable handsets; that unlike others had a better resale value. It is one the largest companies having franchises distributed throughout the country. The official Distributors for Nokia are Advance Telecom and United Mobile who have retailers throughout the country.
With the recent spike in the smart phone production, there is a huge interest in Smartphone Operating system software’s such as Android, Apple IOS and Java. Nokia’s original operating system was the Symbian OS, a java based Operating system.
With extremely tough competitors such as Apple with its “IOS” and Google with “Android” becoming popular, slowly removing Symbian out of the picture.

Nokia, not to long ago teamed up with Microsoft by integrating their Windows Phone OS into their devices. This move got Nokia back into the playing field where Nokia was losing it’s credibility and market. This was very brave but risky move!

Given the situation that Symbian was not making any progress in the competition with IOS and Android, one cannot really blame them for the decision; in fact “Nokia WP7” is the new hot thing to be on the lookout for; considering the fact that both companies are veterans in the field of what they do. Combining forces together, the product would surely be something amazing. I can most certainly claim confidently that there are many adventurous people out there that would like to have these phones in their possession as soon as possible.

Recently an even newer update to the Windows Phone family has been confirmed, known as the Windows Phone 7.5 or WP Mango. Considering the fact that Microsoft and Qualcomm have had history in working together, hence we can assume that all “Windows Phone 7” smart phones that are to be launched with the Windows phone 7 and 7.5 Mango, and the first of the Nokia models that are to be launched that runs on the Mango OS are the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 series! Which are fitted with the latest chipset of the Qualcomm family!
Welcome back in the competition Nokia!

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