Nokia Phablet Expected on Christmas

Nokia Phablet Expected on Christmas

According to the recent rumours circulating in the media, Nokia is working on a phablet device with a 6-inch screen to sit between the smartphone and full sized tablet market.

Codenamed as the “Bandit”, the phablet device is expected to be released in the USA in time for the Christmas peak selling period. The move to launch the device first in the USA reinforces Nokia’s long stated aim to rebuild its market share in the country.

The company is currently testing the device with the latest version of Windows Phone OS. The device could come with a 20-megpixel camera — which is curiously similar spec to an expected Sony smartphone due soon. The processor is expected to be based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

Microsoft is currently working on updating the Windows Phone OS to support HD screens with a 1080p display. It is currently limited to supporting devices with displays of up to 720p.

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