Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia in Q4 2012

Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia in Q4 2012

Nokia announced its preliminary report of the fourth-quarter of 2012 and it managed to beat expectations for its devices and services departments, and its shares surged nearly 20% in pre-market trading on this news.

[blockquote align=”right”] Nokia Lumia family finally beat Symbian!
[/blockquote] Nokia was happy to announce both its Lumia lineup of Windows Phone devices and its dumb phones sold better than expected with Nokia Lumia sales amounting to 4.4 million. Overall, smartphone sales stood at 6.6 million.

Nokia sold more Lumia phones than in the two previous quarters.

The Nokia’s Q4 2012 sales break down:
[list style=”list5″ color=”gray”]

  • 79.6 million = Mobile phones (read, feature phones)
  • 9.3 million = Asha full-touch phones
  • 6.6 million = Smart devices
  • 4.4 million = Lumia Windows Phones
[/list] For more details CLICK HERE

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