“Nothing”, Carl Pei’s Company Will Debut with Wireless Earbuds

Carl Pei, the one-plus co-founder, left the company and started his own business known as ‘Nothing’. Carl Pei’s new consumer tech company, Nothing, will launch wireless earbuds as its first product this summer, he revealed in an interview.

Founder of ‘Nothing’ Carl Pei, also plans to build an ecosystem where a device can talk to each other, not just want to work on audio products. It is already working on Smart, Connected consumer electronics. Although with a Simpler item– wireless Earbuds – the company is going to start its business in the market.

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“Nothing”, Carl Pei Company Will Debut With Wireless Earbuds

The company has announced the product earbuds will come in this summer, but there is still no specific date disclosed. This announcement includes details about investment from venture capitalists. Carl Pei said that Google Ventures has invested 15 million dollars in the London based consumer technology company.

GV is a Captial Investment arm of Alphabet Inc. Other than GV, nothing has attracted investments from key figures like Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, Steve Huffman, CEO & co-founder of Reddit, the inventor of iPods Tony Fadell, and YouTuber Casey Neistat.

The consumer electronics industry was stormed by wireless earbuds in 2020. Indeed, along with wristwear, they led the shipments of the entire wearable market to a total of 93 percent. The list features leading companies such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and even realme that makes it into the top 10.

Therefore, Carl Pei is beginning to compete in a segment that is already booming in 2021, with companies (including his former firm, One Plus). However, we will have to wait to see when the company is ready to deliver its first product to the customers.

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