Nougat vs Marshmallow: What’s New in Google’s New Operating System

At last the wait is over as Google has released the seventh version of its Android mobile operating system, named Nougat. The new software comprises pulls that Google articulates will increase battery life and allow users more options for modifying the phone.

Though, the update is initially available only for the Nexus line of phones and LG’s forthcoming V20 phone. Devices from Samsung and others are probable to get the updates in the upcoming months.

Nougat vs Marshmallow: What’s New in Google’s New Operating System

How’s the new Android Nougat better than Marshmallow? Find out here:

Improved Notifications:

You will now be capable to reply to messages and emails straight from the notification itself. Inhibiting you from having to open an app simply to send a “sounds good” or “see you then”. This Direct Reply feature is up to the individual apps to implement.

Swift Settings:

Settings menu in Android Nougat is much niftier than the one found in Marshmallow. For a start, you’ll see a recommendations tab at the top, prompting users about some imperative setups they have to make.

Also, some convenient details are shown on some tabs. For example, you’ll be able to see on which Wi-Fi network your device is connected without entering the wireless settings. Or you’ll be capable to see battery percentage and lasting time before striking the charger without entering battery settings.

Multitasking Support:

Android Nougat presents a split-screen view that allows you to watch YouTube in one window and Twitter in another. Just hold on the current apps button to takeoff the current app in split-screen mode. Double tapping the recent apps button changes between the two most recently-used apps.

Improved Battery Life:

Google has enhanced Doze that debuted on Marshmallow. When your battery goes down, apps will start losing access to data, background processes will turn off. Doze will work not only if the phone’s sitting futile on a table, but also if it’s in your pocket.

Active Data Saver:

Before Android Nougat, data saver functioned only if you passed your mobile data limit. In N, data saver will work all the time, dynamically restraining background data usage when on a cellular network. Giving users a prevailing new tool that could lastly halt all data-hungry apps that can pull your data in a matter of days.

Background Updates:

In place of downloading the update, restarting, wait for the update to be installed, restart again, pause for apps to optimize, reboot again, on Android N updates will install impeccably without making your device useless for a long time.

Nougat will bring unified updates; this feature works by letting updates to download in background. After they get downloaded system will notify the user that a new apprise will be installed during the next restart.

Smart App Drawer:

Certain initial Nougat screenshots made us trust Google is abandoning app drawer and going the route of Apple and some other makers. But instead, Google did something splendid, by creating app drawer to takeoff by just swiping up when on home screen. You won’t get this on Marshmallow.

It appears Nougat is much ahead of Marshmallow so it’s wretched to realize that various manufacturers still clench the updates in order for users to buy new devices. So, if users want the latest Android, stay with the Nexus line.

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