Now Add Music Lyrics to Instagram Stories Automatically

Instagram has the privilege of launching new features to remain in the limelight and no doubt it has remained unbeaten in its efforts to be one of the most used and loves apps. Instagram stories feature attracted most of the users towards the app, and in the year 2018, Instagram has around 1 billion active users every month. The journey of Instagram new feature keeps on growing, and now the photo-sharing app has launched a new feature. Instagram is a multifaceted app, and it is evident from the number of good features launched by it. The Instagram new feature is completely dedicated to Music fanatics it has rolled out stickers for story feature with song lyrics.

Instagram Stories has got a new Feature for Music Lovers

Now users will be able to add song lyrics to their stories automatically. To add song lyrics to stories, people will have to add music stickers and then search for the right song. If you have found lyrics for the song you selected, you will be facilitated to the choose font of their own choice. The user will also be able to edit the lyrics in order to publish only a specific part to their stories.

Now Add Music Lyrics to Instagram Stories Automatically

Source: Phone Arena

When done, people will be able to see the lyrics of your favourite song when they click on your story. If people click on the lyrics, they will be able to hear the whole song. Previously Instagram users were able to add music to a story however, in order to add lyrics to the story one had to type it manually.

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