Now Call Elevators with WhatsApp Messages

With the growing fear of Coronavirus, people are staying at home and maintaining social distancing. However, there are somethings which cannot be avoided such as going to an office or grocery stores to meet daily requirements of life. Due to the pandemic, people are hesitant to touch the common surfaces like railing, doors handle, switches and buttons to call elevators at public places. However, now there as a solution to it as people can call elevators with WhatsApp messages. Gossain, Managing Director, Kone Elevator, stressed on the demand of elevators that are operated through technology.

He revealed:

“The elevator remote call feature uses WhatsApp for this. Our technology enables a person to call an elevator by sending a WhatsApp message to a specific number.”

Now Call Elevators with WhatsApp Messages

This feature is based on cloud-based technology. A person who wants to call the elevator has to call a specific number that is assigned to that elevator. After this, he has to mention the floor number where he wants elevator to arrive. However since the WhatsApp is very popular in the subcontinent, messaging feature is also introduced which is totally free.

This is one of the best features and can save many from catching this deadly virus. We are anxiously waiting for this feature to be installed in elevators in Pakistan.

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