Now Enjoy Fresh Fruit Juices as Tropicana finally lands in Pakistan

Those who love juices would know a big name in juices market providing the best tastes to people. Tropicana, a subsidiary of PepsiCo is a famous brand of juice-based in Chicago. The company started its operations in the year 1947 and since that time it is producing best-flavored juices throughout the world. The well know Tropicana juices are sold in more than 70 countries. Finally, after a long wait, as Pepsico has launched Tropicana in Pakistan. Initially, only four flavors are launched in Pakistan including Guava, Chaunsa, Apple, and Kinnow.

Now Enjoy Juices from Tropicana in Pakistan

Tropicana has revealed that it will bring some more good flavors in Pakistan. So the existing juice companies in Pakistan including Nestle, Slice, Fruiten and etc. should be well prepared to welcome its rival now. All the brands already available in Pakistan make juices from 31% fruit concentrate so Tropicana should sell juice with better concentrate ration in order to spread themselves with fire.

Tropicana provides both, 100% pure juices as well as Juices made from concentrate fruit pulp. Right now the brand has not revealed whether it will bring 100 percent pure juice or not but if it will launch them in Pakistan, it will be a blessing for many people residing here. For now, we only know that 250ml packed cartons of juice in Pakistan will be introduced in Pakistan which will be made up of fruit pulp.

Fizza Atique

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