Now File Tax Returns Offline with Iris-ADX App: FBR

Federal Board of Revenue has launched a mobile application to help the taxpayer prepare income tax return and wealth statement offline. It means now that don’t need an internet to file income tax return. Usually while filing an income tax return one is confronted with connectivity issues due to which they have to hire the third party for the sole purpose. Now one can file Tax Returns Offline with a new application.

Here’s how to File Tax Returns Offline

The name of the application is Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data Exchange). It is prepared by IT wing of FBR. The application allows the taxpayer to prepare their statements in offline mode and upload them to the FBR’s repository later on.

This news was revealed in an official statement issued by FBR that will help the taxpayer to file returns in offline mode. The new government has taken strict action for non-compliant taxpayers and at the same time facilitating people to file return easily without ambiguous methods.

For more information check the FBR official Website.

According to the report, Last year FBR received 1.6 million income tax returns. By making filing easier for people, FBR expects to enhance this figure to 2mn this year. The last date of income tax filing is extended to Sept 30, 2018.

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