Now Gmail for iOS Gets Unified Inbox


Gmail for iOS is getting a notable upgrade. Recently, the tech giant Google has announced that all of the email accounts on iOS can be viewed in a single, unified inbox. The Android users have had this option while iOS users received it now.

Nowadays, many people have more than one email account. They mostly use one for work and another for personal.

Gmail for iOS Now Lets You See All the E-Mail Accounts in Unified Inbox

Previously, you could access more than one account managed by Gmail, but it needed to tap the icon in the top-left corner to toggle between them. The Gmail for iOS now acts as the Gmail Android app. An option will pop up when the left-hand side drawer is opened that shows “All inboxes.” You have to select this, and all your emails will be viewed in only one inbox.

According to Google, no emails will be shared between accounts with this enabled.
The iOS users have long supported personal, G Suite, and third-party IMAP accounts. And that is just because there was no unified list to see all new emails as one stream of messages.
This new feature will be available for all iOS users in the coming week. So they can download it from App Store.

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