Now Google Assistant will Gently Wake You Up With Philips Hue lights

Google is introducing a new feature to Google Assistant that will allow Google’s smart speakers to mimic sunrise in order to wake you up calmly or go to sleep at night by gradually raising or lowering the lights over the course of 30 minutes in concert with a Philips Hue light setup.

Now Google Assistant will Gently Wake You Up With Philips Hue lights

The Gentle Sleep & Wake feature is designed to mimic a sunrise and sunset. You will get that luxury experience of those apartments where people get the natural light on a daily basis but through cold, artificial Wi-Fi lightbulbs.

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According to Android Authority, in order to start it you can give the following commands to your Google Home:

  • “Hey Google, turn on Gentle Wake up” to have your daily morning alarms pair with gradual brightening.
  • “Hey Google, wake up my lights in the bedroom at 6:30 AM” to gradually brighten your Philips Hue lights at 6:30 AM. This can be set up to 24 hours in advance.
  • “Hey Google, sleep the lights in the living room” to begin gradually dimming the lights in the living room.

Initially, Gentle Sleep & Wake is rolling out for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and India. It will be available in the English language. This feature is only working with Philips Hue and requires a Google Home, Mini, Max, or Hub.

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