Now Google Photos Allows You to Search Text in Pictures

Google has announced it on Twitter that it is working to introduce new AI features for its Lens platform which will allow users to search their Google Photos library for the text that appears within pictures and screenshots. With the help of the new feature, users will be able to easily copy and paste that text into a note, document, or form.

The new feature is making use of a technique known as optical character recognition (OCR), with the copy/paste option. It has been informed via reliable resource that now the feature is available on some Android devices, although it is not working quite yet on iOS.

Now Google Photos Allows You to Search Text in Pictures

Users were already able to use search in Google Photos to recognize objects, events, and people or pets (when their faces are labeled.). Presently, the app is using GPS data in pictures to allow for location queries.

Back in July, Google also made an announcement about the addition of new features to its app Google Photos. It has been noticed that users are considering this app the best product and appreciating the company’s efforts as it is constantly bringing the new improvements and features.

Moreover, Google photos is also planning to bring an amazing feature that is a manual face tagging feature, that will let you tag faces manually it doesn’t recognize.

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