Now Google Photos Allows you to Star & Heart your Favorite and Liked Photos Respectively

On Google I/O 2018, we came across many announcements. No Doubt, this year Google brought exciting updates for its users. Google revealed new features regarding Google Photos however it dropped the two most vital features announced today i.e. now Star & Heart your Favorite and Liked Photos Respectively.

Now Star & Heart your Favorite and Liked Photos in Google Photos

The two new features are as follows:

  1. You can star your favorite pictures on Google Photos
  2. You can leave a heart on the picture that you liked

Tagging your favorite picture with a star is rolling out and will reach globally in a week. The heart button will roll out soon. Let’s see how to favorite a photo:

When you star (favorite) the photo it will appear in the list of collected favorite photos in a new album on the album page. No doubt, it is a small but most powerful update and I bet people will love it. Now finding your favorite photos in Google Photos will be easier than before.

As explained above, Google also announced a heart feature that allows you to like the someone else shared photo. Here’s how it works:

However, this heart feature is not rolled out yet in Google Photos and Google listed it as coming soon. Maybe we will be able to see it in two weeks. If you want to download google photos click here.

Fizza Atique

Fizza Atique is a Tech writer specializing in the intersection of tech and culture. She likes photography, VR, electronic music, coffee, and baking.
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