Now Hackers Can Replicate Fingerprints From Peace Sign Selfies

Now a days people are well aware not to post personally identifying information on social media. Scammers use your personal information for their foul purposes. This information includes address, plane ticket or passwords etc. Now Hackers Can Replicate Fingerprints From Peace Sign Selfies.

However people are comfortable to share their pictures on social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat etc. Just recently researchers have revealed that posing for a picture while holding your hands up in a peace sign could pose a security threat. With these peace signs, hackers can copy prints.

Now Hackers Can Replicate Fingerprints From Peace Sign Selfies

On 9 January 2017, Japanese outlet Shankei Shimbun published an article. According to this article, fingerprints can be easily recreated from pictures if taken from 3 meters. As long as the picture is clear and well-lit, prints can be mimicked with high precision.

These finger prints are the key to phones, computers and tablets. This is very alarming as now a days Touch ID turns fingerprints even to withdraw money from banks. Our personal data, Operated by fingerprints is at stake. Hence this situation is very alarming. Right now its not evident that hackers are currently using picture to duplicate fingerprints to commit crimes or to steal identities.

Solution For the Scary Problem:

This is very scary as it can lead hackers to use peace signs in selfies for obtaining fingerprints and compromising their bio metric security. Researchers are developing a technology to secure fingerprints, and noted that technology of any sort was not necessary to copy them, as people leave them on surfaces throughout the day.

The researchers has also proposed solution to this problem. They are working on a material that prevents copying fingerprints.This material will be applied on finger before taking selfies. It will protect the print from prying eyes. This material is made up of titanium oxide. This protective technology is expected to hit the market in 2 years. Till two years one should refrain from taking peace sign selfies and putting them in social media to be used against them.

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