Now iPhone Users can Send Offline Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps on introducing new features for their users in order to make this software user friendly for users. Recently iPhone users have received a WhatsApp update. They have introduced new features for their users. Now iPhone Users can Send Offline Messages on WhatsApp.

Now iPhone users can download the latest version i.e; 2.17.1. WhatsApp has updated size to 91.2 MB. So its is recommended to be updates at a very strong WI-FI connection and a very good battery life.

Now iPhone Users can Send Offline Messages on WhatsApp

They have increased the limit of WhatsApp photos and video sharing to to 30 which was previously 10. They have also redesigned usage screen and have introduced the ability to line up messages. This feature was introduced on Android before.

This new feature lets you line up messages if your are in an area of poor or no connectivity. You can now send a text on WhatsApp to an individual or group even when internet is not available. This message will be than automatically sent once you get the connectivity on iPhone.

Now users can view storage usage screen of a friend or group of friends and can see which chat is occupying the most space in your mobile. You can now delete the unwanted chats to make room for more data right from the storage usage screen. Previously you had to clear data by going back to the chat window.

The best thing is that WhatsApp now lets you choose messages types you want to recieve from certain group. such as videos, texts, images, GIFs and voice messages etc. In this way you can save your space by getting only appropriate data which you want to see.

WhatsApp is planing to introduce the feature to allow users cancel or edit messages that have been sent mistakenly. This is much required element now a day.

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