Now Report Spam Messages on WhatsApp with Message Level Reporting Feature

WhatsApp is one of the best platforms to connect with people. It has made us closer even if we are miles apart. With great features, we can see, talk and chat with each other be it our friends, family, or colleagues to discuss official matters. While everything is perfect with this app, the only thing which it has failed to provide is security and we keep on receiving Spam Messages on WhatsApp.  But it doesn’t mean that the company is not trying. Even in past, it has come up with marvelous features, some of which have landed in the best of audiences’ interest. This time, once again, the company has come up with two security features, that were much needed, namely: Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting.

Message level reporting is one of the best features launched till now. Have you ever come across the spammers who keep on disturbing you by messaging stupid things? Some of them even send some bad pictures which creates the feeling is disgust. Understanding the issues faced by people due to this, WhatsApp has rolled out the Message Level Reporting feature. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to report accounts to WhatsApp by flagging messages that were against the company’s policy.

Now Report Spam Messages on WhatsApp

In order to report any message, the user needs to long-press a particular message to either report or block a user. This is an easy feature and it saves you from several clicks of blocking users that we used to do before.

This feature can easily help users deal with spam messages, targeted harassment, unsolicited messages, or messages of an illegal or criminal nature. Through this, WhatsApp bans accounts and currently, it has banned over 2.2 million accounts.

Another feature, Flash Call asks Android users to verify their number through automated calls instead of messages if they install and re-install WhatsApp on their devices. This is a safer option and can offer more secure confirmation than before.

These features will reduce the issues faced by users on daily basis and will make the platform secure than before.

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