Now Skype Users Can Share their Screen on iOS & Android

Good news for Skype users, now they can share their screens over video calls on iOS and Android. Back in April, Microsoft first tested the feature for its premier video call app, but now the company has rolled out the feature for every user around the globe. Users can use the feature in for on-the-go meetings, to help relatives who are tech-illiterate with their phones and for shopping online with their pals.

Now Skype Users Can Share their Screen on iOS & Android

In order to access the option, Skype users will have to tap the newly added “…” (more) menu in the app. There they will find other recently launched features including call recording and subtitles.

For reader’s information, Skype has some 300 million monthly users. This communication is not stopping to release the new features that keep amused the users and facilitate them in connecting with their dear ones. Microsoft is aware of the fact how much it is important to survive in the market where chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat or through built-in communication services like iMessage and FaceTime are ruling over the users.

Mobile screen sharing is presently functioning on Android 6.0 and higher, and on iOS (iPhone and iPad) with iOS 12 and up. Skype users will only be able to see the option if they have updated to the latest release.

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