Now use the Google Recorder App to Edit Recordings

Google first introduced its very famous voice recording application named recorder with the Pixel 4 smartphone. It improves Google’s capability to transcribe text without having an internet connection, and it works unexpectedly well.

Moreover, using a voice recording app, recording a conversation or interview, and then going back to search through messages to find the required data parts was an effortless task. Later the application was made available for other Google pixel devices too.

Google recorder Application Revamped with latest features 

Furthermore, the 2nd version of the Google recording app is launched yesterday; it is only for pixel users. Everyone found it pre-loaded on their Google Pixel 5 review unit. Besides this, the latest function allows users to crop unimportant parts of the recorded audio by simply choosing transcribed text and then cutting and removing it out. The feature made it very easy to cut out and remove the recording’s undesired part without even listening to the full recording.

Although the latest version of the recording application also lets its users build a visual waveform video clip and their recordings and transcriptions. In this way, you can also share your recordings and videos on social media with your friends and family. Moreover, a user can select between 1:1, landscapes, vertical aspects ratio before making videos.

Furthermore, Google recorder is offering few latest features like sharing and editing. The application can also recognize dog sounds, music, applause, and laughter, and then the application tags them accordingly in the transcription.

The transcription process happens entirely without internet means offline, and it automatically tags the main topics of the recording while capturing a lecture.

Besides this, the latest voice recording application has made a student work much more comfortable because he can record his lecture anytime in the college and then listen to it at home.

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