Now Users Can’t use WhatsApp on Older Android and iOS versions

Yesterday, the popular social platform WhatsApp announced that the messenger will stop working on all smartphones that are using the older operating systems. A few days ago WhatsApp announced that those who are using Android mobile version 4.0.4 or iOS 9 or older operating systems will not be able to use WhatsApp from November 1.

Now Users Can’t use WhatsApp on Older Android and iOS versions

To continue using the WhatsApp account, the users will need to update the new software on their smartphones. On the contrary, the users may have to purchase a new mobile phone. To use WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone, Android users will be required to update to version 4.1 or 4.3, also called ‘Android Jelly Bean’, while iPhone users will be required to update their software to iOS 10 or higher. ۔

Users can check whether their smartphone’s operating system by visiting the settings of their mobile phones. To check this, tap on the Settings option on your smartphone and go to About Phone from where you will be able to see the operating system of your phone. Though, if a user is operating on an older version and they wish to update it, they can visit ‘System and Updates’ and then update the software from there so that they can continue using their WhatsApp account.

In addition to that, if a user’s phone fails to update to the latest version, the user must keep their backup chats safe. To keep a chat backup, tap on the three dots to the right of the app, then click on the Settings option, then go to ‘Chat’ and click on the ‘Chat Backup’ option. You can save your chat by clicking on this option.

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