Now Waste Plants will Recycle Electric Car Batteries in China

Due to Chinese Government’s proactive approach, positive long term economical goals are achieved . Let’s take a look what are they up to in recycling car batteries industry. China has been one of the largest user, producer and exporter of Electric car batteries i.e. China is credited for more than 40 percent of global electric car sales in the year 2016, United States and the European Union followed China’s lead. Now Waste Plants will Recycle Electric Car Batteries in China.

It was year 2009 when China started supporting the production and promotion of Electric vehicles. Anticipations of the industry experts tells us that as the first of those cars stretch to the end of their lifespan, lithium battery waste could be more than 170,000 tonnes next year. The figure is likely to keep augmenting in the upcoming years. Hence, more and more electric cars mean huge stock-piles of car-batteries.

Now Waste Plants will Recycle Electric Car Batteries in China

Those batteries are a huge heap of waste and dealing with all that waste is proffering serious problems for China. One good thing to cherish about is that Lithium batteries are not pigeon-holed as perilous waste and are not bound by the stern disposal controls. For reader’s information, Battery waste includes heavy metals like cobalt and nickel, plus toxic remains that might end up in waterways and the soil if mishandled. Battery waste recycling is another significant opportunity to cash on.  Big companies with high-tech recycling operations are already securing the profits, including big names of recycling industry like Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium, Sinolink Securities.

The CAIC (China Automobile Innovation Centre), anticipates that the recycling market of car batteries could be worth 31 billion yuan ($4.68 billion) by 2023. Despite of all the positives, recycling lithium batteries is expensive for many companies. And the industry has yet to agree on the calibration and regularization. That is necessary to handle spent batteries more profitably and in big numbers.

Automating the recycling process of car-batteries is a cumbersome task. And the Chinese Government is trying hard to transform their recycling system into a high-tech regulated industry.

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