Now You Can Add Up to 10,000 Pics to Google Photos Live Albums

Live Albums is a new feature for Google Photos users. This new feature rolled out to Google photos a few weeks ago. The limit of Google Photos Live Albums is 10,000 pics and no new photos will be added after that limit has been reached.
You will get a “Live album paused” warning when the 10,000-photo limit is reached. So if you want to add new photos then you have to remove some of the old pics from your library.

Google Photos Live Albums has a limit of 10,000 Photos

Google Photos Live Albums has introduced for users to add photos of chosen pets or person to a custom album. This allows you to have only one album to view your cute cats or friends without scrolling through photos.

Let’s suppose your album gets filled with outtakes and dimly lit photos, then Google is not gonna remove it by itself as it is not smart enough to clean up the extras for you. So you need to delete them manually by yourself.

Google is not allowing you to select a start or end date for the album, limit by recency, restrict to photos showing all people together, or create any tangible filter that will affect the album’s size.
Google also said that some feature may not be available in case you have a large album, but it is not clear that what exactly won’t work in the large album.

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