Now You Can Appeal For Twitter Account Suspensions Within the App

Twitter has announced a new feature that is going to allow users to appeal directly within the app. If let’s suppose users find any tweet that is violating the rules of Twitter, that tweet can be flagged or reported, and in a result that account will be suspended locked. Previously, those users, who were blocked, had to visit an online form to appeal Twitter’s decision.

Now You Can Appeal For Twitter Account Suspensions Within the App

According to the company, a new feature will lead to faster response times. Twitter revealed the feature Yesterday in a tweet that showed how a recently suspended user goes through the steps of filing an appeal. Previously, when users tweet got reported or flagged, and their account got suspended. What they had to do, if they believed they were wrongfully suspended, they had to resort to an online form but at that time the problem was that response times usually varied from a few hours to more than a week.

Now the company has given the confirmation that this new in-app reporting feature will reduce the response times by 60 percent. Twitter said:

“We move quickly to enforce our rules but sometimes we don’t have the full context and can make mistakes,” 

In the new process, Twitter will display the tweet in violation and also the reason along with a description of the rule in question and a link to the policy. On the next screen, users can opt to remove the tweet that violates Twitter’s rules or can also choose to appeal the violation.

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