Now You Can Convert Photos To WhatsApp Stickers Using This App

We all know that Whatsapp latest update brought support for stickers on Android & iOS. Together with that, WhatsApp has also launched a Stickers Store in the app that let you download these stickers. Most of the WhatsApp stickers available for the users are similar to ones available on Facebook Messenger. So, there was nothing interesting. However, a new Android App named as Sticker Studio is being created that lets you create your own stickers.

Sticker StudioTurns Your Pictures Into WhatsApp Stickers

Sticker studio is an Android App created by Sven van der Zee. It is a free App that is available for all the Android Users. This App lets you take photos or import images into it. In addition to that, it also allows users to simply draw an outline around the portion of the photo they want to turn into a sticker.

Now You Can Convert Any Photo To WhatsApp Sticker Using This App

This App will allow you to convert your own reactions into stickers. It will be quite a fun thing while chatting with your friends and family. You can express your real emotions in the form of stickers now. Isn’t it amazing? However, there are some limitations as well. In order to export a bundle of stickers to WhatsApp, you will have to create at least three stickers. In addition to that, Sticker Studio has a limitation of 10 sticker packs with a maximum of 30 stickers per pack. So, you can just head to your play stores and download it if you are an Android user.

We all know that searching for new stickers on WhatsApp is not as easy as searching a sticker on other apps. That’s why the company is also working on a WhatsApp Stickers Search Feature to make it easy for you to share relevant stickers with your contacts. The feature will initially be available for Android devices. So, let’s see when will this feature rollout.

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