Now You Can Download New Episodes Automatically On Netflix For iOS

We all know that the “Smart Downloads” feature was already available on Android and Windows. It has finally made the leap to Netflix for iOS.

Netflix For iOS Gets Smart Download Feature

The Smart Download feature automatically delete episodes you have watched. In addition to that, it downloads the next one as you’re on a WiFi network. In this way, the new episode is always ready for you and you don’t have to save videos for your next commute. However, you can also disable this option as well.

Now You Can Download New Episodes Automatically On Netflix For iOS

In addition to all this, a week back, Netflix iOS got updated as well. The new Update Now allows Users to share movies, TV shows in Instagram Stories. All you need to do is simply tap the Share option after choosing a title within the Netflix app on your iOS device. Among the provided sharing options, you will now see the “Instagram Stories”. By clicking on the newly added option of Instagram Stories, users can share a movie/TV show with their contacts or simply add it to their Story.

Furthermore, the most interesting part about the update is that you can add stickers, comments, or other customization tricks as well. It makes perfect sense for the shared titles to come with links to Netflix so that those who see them can quickly start watching them. The Netflix iOS and Android App keeps on getting such amazing features that provide an improved user experience. Let’s see what will its new update offers.

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