Now you can Join a Group with Instagram Chat Sticker

Instagram keeps on launching new features, and this is the reason this app is loved by not only youngsters but also the elders alike. Thought it emerged as the secure photos sharing platform nut now it is helping businesses flourishing through its trademark, hashtags. Nowadays the Facebook-owned company is working on itself, and in order to do so, it is introducing several stickers for users. This time Instagram has added a new sticker for stories that allow your friends to “request” you if they want to join a group chat from your story. Yes, this is quite exciting to know that now you can be part of someone’s chat group by just requesting them to join the group in a single click. So many would be thinking of how Instagram chat sticker works; it’s quite easy.

How Instagram Chat Sticker works:

  • This sticker will appear with the other Instagram stories
  • When you click on this sticker, it will open a text prompt which will ask you want to talk about
  • People can also choose “Join Chat”, and they will be added if that person allows you.
  •  The person who will post the stickers will have full control to decide who can join the group and who can’t.

I loved this feature for a sole reason that we university fellows would be able to reunite like this and am sure plenty of them will join the group to know how we are performing in our daily lives. This chat sticker will also bring ease for users by arranging group messages in a better way than before. Moreover, this sticker will also act as a promotional entity for people who are using the tool for promoting themselves. As now they will be able to create an event in chat groups like spring festival, etc.

Now you can Join a Group with Instagram Chat Sticker
Image Source: Digital Information World

Furthermore, we should not outlook that this sticker can also compromise your privacy at the same time. Moreover, many people will not welcome it as it may cause cyberbullying and other concerns as they might are not able to overcome bullying on its own. When your family members will request joining the group, and you will not permit them, it will also lead you to social trouble, which specifically Pakistanis cannot outlook.
Moreover, the feature is rolling out in chunks so you will be able to see the “join chat” sticker in the Instagram story soon.

Fizza Atique

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