Now You Can Make Calls without Having Balance with VEON App

Now there is no need to worry about balance. One can easily call their friends and loved ones with the newly launched VEON App. The recently launched App in Pakistan “VEON” offers similar features like Facebook, Messages/Calls WhatsApp etc. But the additional thing is that the users of VEON App can make calls with zero balance in their mobile phone. Now You Can Make Calls without Having Balance with VEON App.

Interestingly, VEON App is available for all network operator users in Pakistan. It means anyone can download VEON App and make calls and use all the other services offered by VEON.

Now You Can Make Calls without Having Balance with VEON App

Now You Can Make Calls without Having Balance with VEON App

For sure, VEON App is going to overcome the popularity of all famous apps like Whatsapp, Viber and Skype etc due to its unique feature of calls with zero balance.

VEON App Features:

  • Call, Texts, pictures and video sharing in private or in groups without using the data
  • Customized media content in shape of news, articles and videos that Jazz can throw on your screens after analyzing your liking and patterns through its analytics
  • Absolutely free for the core functionality
  • Customers can link their mobile accounts with the app and have a check on their remaining credit and top up from here as well.
  • Customers can avail a 10% discount on bundles and packages if they integrate their debit or credit card with the app.

The Global telecom operator VEON in collaboration with its subsidiary in Pakistan Jazz, has officially launched VEON Application last week. Earlier, VEON announced that it has plans to reinvent and expand itself as a technology company by introducing its own messaging and mobile services app in four new markets including Pakistan, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia. So this launch of VEON App is in continuation with that announcement.

VEON opted for a perfect marketing strategy by doing partnership with Chenone and This promotion went live soon after VEON’s launch in Pakistan. People who downloaded the App got Chenone’s free voucher worth Rs. 3000 and up-to 40% off on Daraz.

VEON is available for both Android and iOS users. Android users can download VEON app from here and the iOS version from here.

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