Now You Can Pay at Amazon Stores with Just a Wave of Your Hand

The e-commerce giant Amazon’s latest attempt to speed up shopping trips lets you pay your bill with just a wave of your hand at some of its stores. On Tuesday, the firm introduced Amazon One, which attaches the customer’s palm print to a stored credit card so a  customer can place his/her hand above a sensor to enter and purchase things at checkout-free Amazon Go stores.

Now You Can Pay at Amazon Stores with Just a Wave of Your Hand

At the first stage of development, the feature will be accessible at 2 Amazon Go stores in Seattle, and in upcoming months the company intends to add it to more Amazon Go stores, which are located across Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.
Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, Dilip Kumar informed CNN that Amazon One had been in the under operation since long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the timing could be a positive for Amazon: Customers may get such contact-free entry and payment technology convenient, and businesses, which are frequently searching for technological solutions to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, may also find it appealing.
However, the notion of providing biometric data to one of the largest retailers in the US could raise suspicions as well. The e-commerce giant has previously come under the wrath of privacy advocates who show concerns
in June, the company said that it would temporarily stop selling its Rekognition software to the police. In case of Amazon One data, Dilip maintained that the company isn’t storing any information locally on entry scanners at Go stores. All palm images are encrypted and Amazon stores them online.


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