Now You Can Share Events in Facebook Stories

Now Facebook users will be able to share events in stories. The company has announced that it is introducing a new tool that will let you post photos and videos and they will disappear in 24 hours. In January, Facebook has announced that it was testing the events feature in the US, Mexico, and Brazil.

Now You Can Share Events in Facebook Stories

It seems that Facebook is making its story section more attractive to users. well, everyone knows that Facebook has copied the story feature from its rival, SnapChat.

In case you want to share an event in Stories, then you have to go to an event page. You will find the option “Share” below the date and time of the event. You have to click on that button and you tap “Share Your Story.” Those friends who see the event pop up in a Facebook Story can tap on “Interested” if they want to attend the event. From there, they can send a group message to friends who expressed interest in the event.

Facebook said in a statement:

“We hope these features will help people share the women’s events that matter most to them, build excitement, and rally friends to support and celebrate the contributions that women around the world make to their communities every day,” 

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg think that in a future user will be sharing more into Stories than on their NewsFeeds.

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