Nvidia Rolls Out New GPUs for Budget Gaming Laptops

The popular computer systems design company Nvidia has announced 3 new GPUs for budget gaming laptops with powerful performance. The company recently released its full-sized RTX GPUs for desktop PCs, and now the company is moving towards laptop gamers. The new GPUs launched by the company are RTX 2050, MX550, and MX570.

Nvidia’s latest series of laptop GPUs are intended to improve the performance of budget-friendly laptops. Now, if we talk about the GPUs, the RTX 2050, in particular, is the latest GPU that we have not seen on the laptop or desktop segment. The new RTX 2050 GPU is actually operating on Nvidia’s new Ampere architecture instead of the Turing architecture that’s linked with other 20-Series GPUs. It is a great development, and this may lead to a performance boost for features like ray tracing and DLSS.

Nvidia Rolls Out New GPUs for Budget Gaming Laptops

Furthermore, the RTX 2050 is based on the GA107 GPU core with a total of 2048 cores which exceeds the RTX 2060’s core count for laptops. Along with that, this GPU has a boost clock of up to 1477 MHz, a 45W TGP, and 4GB of GDDR6 memory that is clocked at 14 Gbps.

Nvidia has probably decided to label the RTX 2050 as a 20-series card to offer users a better idea of the performance. The RTX 2050 encompasses the same 2048 CUDA core count and 4GB of GDDR6 as the RTX 3050 GPU however, it is limited to a 64-bit memory bus, which could lead to a substantial performance downgrade from the 128-bit RTX 3050.

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On the other hand, the company has not shared any details on the GeForce MX570 and MX550, however, we can predict that MX570 is based on the latest Ampere GPU SKU, the GA107, while the MX550 will encompass the Turing TU117 GPU.

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