23 Best Offline Games for iPhone

These days, people in their leisure and free time want to play games on their iPhones.  Fun games can help you beat boredom, whether you’re trapped in a line at the airport, waiting in an airport, or just need to recharge. But since multiplayer games have become more popular, most games now demand an internet connection, which is undesirable if you have a meager data plan or live in a spot with a poor connection. Or, there are times when you are going through a certain place where your internet doesn’t work. Well, you don’t need to worry as we are going to mention the best offline games for iPhone.

Best Offline Games for iPhone

1) Soul Knight:

best offline iPhone games

Another offline iPhone game you should look at is Soul Knight.  This game is available for free, which immediately heightens its charm. If you enjoy roguelike games, you will enjoy Soul Knight because it is similar to them. Your task is straightforward. It is that you must recover a magical stone that aliens have taken. You may have a lot of fun shooting aliens, exploring dungeons, and other things in the game.

There are numerous unique heroes, over 120 weapons, and other things for you to play with. You may also acquire weapons to increase your loadout. Because it’s so simple to play, you won’t get frustrated trying to figure out how to play, which is one of the reasons I enjoy playing this game on flights.


2) Badland:

best offline games iOS

The puzzle platformer Badland has a special twist on it. With the aid of a rotating cycle, players lead a small creature known as a clone through the woods. Each of the four cycles—dawn, noon, dusk, and night—has its own color scheme and special traps. As the level increases, night cycles in the game frequently have more difficult traps. It is one of the best iPhone games that don’t need wifi.

The same idea is present in Bandland 2, although fresh strategies are used. Water, liquids, flamethrowers, cold, magma, and other new dangers must be avoided. Players can compete in a challenge mode in Badland 2 to go up leaderboards.


3) Minecraft:

best iPad games online

Are you sick of constantly seeing platformers and puzzle games? Then you can stretch your creative muscles with Minecraft. The game can be played totally offline, however, it does have an internet component. Create a modest farm for yourself amid the grasslands and make an effort to survive in this blocky environment.

The game’s most recent update, titled “Village and Pillage,” added a number of new features. Since its release on PC in 2009, various upgrades have made the game’s universe more interesting and worth exploring.


4) Siralim 2:

iphone games that don't need iPhone

Do you enjoy taming monsters? Do you enjoy retro games? If so, Siralim 2 is a game you ought to have in your collection of iPhone offline games. You can train hundreds of monsters in Siralim that you can call upon to fight for you. You can explore the game’s never-ending dungeons with the aid of your monsters. Additionally, there is no level cap, so theoretically you could play this game indefinitely.

There are around 600 monsters that you can tame, but you can also breed them to produce more monsters for yourself by getting them to lay eggs. To unlock more tasks and much more, equip spells, construct equipment, and develop your castle. The finest iPhone game for airplane mode is Siralim 2, thus I highly recommend it. Also, it is one of the best iOS offline games.


5) Monument Valley:

offline games iPhone

Have you ever been intrigued by one of M. C. Escher’s seemingly impossible paintings? That is the entire premise of the independent puzzle game Monument Valley, which was created using the Unity engine. You take on the role of Ro, a little girl who explores vibrant buildings and works out challenging problems. Your main tool is the ability to alter the screen’s perspective, which opens up new routes.

This game is one of the most exciting and immersive experiences you can have on your phone, and you can play it totally offline owing to the stunning visuals and enigmatic atmosphere. There’s a chance you won’t ever need the internet again.


6) Reigns:

games you can play offline iPhone

Reigns are the game for you if you enjoy Game of Thrones and want to test your management skills. Players assume the role of a medieval king who must maintain balance among his army, subjects, religion, and finances. Similar to Tinder, players make decisions by swiping a card left or right.

These decisions may have a positive or negative effect on one of the four pillars of society in your kingdom. When one of the four pillars of society is unbalanced in relation to the others, the game is over. Players can restart with a fresh heir when that king’s reign comes to an end. It is one of the best iPhone games that don’t require the internet.


7) Brothers in Arms 3:

free offline iphone games

Gameloft is one of the most prominent mobile game developers, and Brothers in Arms 3 is one of the best games that you can play in your free time. Brothers in Arms 3 is one of the greatest offline iPhone games available, bringing all the action of a World War III third-person shooter to your iPhone. The game features an amazing single-player campaign consisting of a number of missions against the Nazis.

You are stationed in Normandy to combat German soldiers following the disastrous D-Day invasion. As you go through the single-player game, you will get access to additional weapons, upgrades, and even ‘brothers’ who will battle alongside you. Each of these brothers possesses unique skills that can shift the tide of battle in your favor. This game’s diverse mission selection is one of my favorite features. From ‘Assault’ missions where you take on your foes head-on to ‘Stealth’ missions where one false move might result in a failed mission, BiA 3 never fails to wow throughout its campaign, and it’s a fantastic iPhone game that can be played offline.


8) Subway Surfers:

offline iPad games

Subway Surfers is the type of video game that has never failed to excite users. Despite being relatively easy to play, the game of infinite running has thought of everything to keep you guessing. As you may have guessed, the objective of the game is to sprint as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles.

With its fast-paced acrobatics and responsive controls, Subway Surfers appears to hit the ground running. Moreover, the stunning HD graphics ensure that the visual enjoyment is uninterrupted. Add to that a plethora of cool rewards, and it appears that the game is suitable for infinite running.

The fast-paced swipe acrobatics is one of my favorite aspects of Subway Surfers because they are crucial to maintaining the game’s exhilaration. Yes, the paint-powered jetpack has also captured my attention equally. Overall, it is one of the coolest free offline iPhone games available.


9) Drop 7:

games you can play offline iPhone

Everyone enjoys playing a simple game to pass the time, and Drop7 is the perfect game for this. The purpose of this game is to match colored discs in columns or rows by dropping them.

The final objective is to obtain as many chain combinations and collect as many points as possible before the board fills up. You’ll find that Drop7 is the ideal game for passing the time, with settings that are either tranquil or fast-paced.


10) SevenBloks:

offline iPad games

This ingenious puzzle game is similar to a combination of Tetris and Sudoku. The rules are elementary. You have a 7×6 grid filled with squares containing the numbers one through seven. When a numbered block appears in a column or row with the same number as itself, it is eliminated. If it clears adjacent to a white block, the white block will crack and break, revealing a numbered block.

Similar to Tetris, the objective is to prevent the blocks from going over the top while accumulating points. Simple, but continuously challenging amusement. Everything but the leaderboards can be played offline, making it an ideal game to play while waiting for an appointment or traveling by train in a region without Wi-Fi.


11) Mini Metro:

offline games iOS

Mini Metro is a puzzle game with a great interface that allows you to construct your own mass transit system. Using actual city maps, you can design your own lines connecting various stations. You have a limited number of lines and trains and a growing number of stations, so you must put things strategically. If customers wait too long at any station, you will lose.

The maps and style are simple and aesthetically pleasing, resembling the appearance of minimalist transportation maps prevalent in large cities.


12) Plague Inc.

offline games for iPhone

Plague Inc. is an intriguing offline iPhone game, despite the fact that its subject matter may be a little too obvious in the present environment. If you’re a fan of strategy games and also want to feel like a Bond villain, Plague Inc can help you live out your fantasy without provoking MI6’s ire.

As the name implies, you have invented a pathogen that has successfully infected a human, and you must now devise a plan to ensure that it infects the whole human population. Alternatively, if you’d rather be active in resolving issues, the game now includes a ‘Cure’ mode in which you must develop a cure for the epidemic and ensure that it cures every single individual on the world.

Plague Inc is not a mindless game; in fact, it attempts to encourage players to consider key public health issues and to demonstrate how tough it can be to combat the threat of a global epidemic, something that many people fail to comprehend.


13) Skiing Yeti Mountain:

games for iPhone offline

Skiing Yeti Mountain is the iPhone game you should download immediately if you enjoy snowboarding and other winter sports. As the name says, the game focuses on skiing, although there are more elements. In your mission to discover the Yeti, you will snowboard across hundreds of stages, leap off cliffs, and do much more.

You will also encounter a variety of NPCs on your tasks, and the game’s touch controls are excellent, allowing you to perfectly control your snowboard as you slice over the mountains. Overall, Skiing Yeti Mountain is a must-try if you’re searching for a fun, offline iPhone and iPad sports game.


14) Into the Dead:

Into the Dead 2

You will enjoy Into the Dead if you have a fascination with the zombie apocalypse. The objective of the game is to avoid death regardless of how you continue to move.

Among the attractions of Into the Dead is the story’s progression with several conclusions. The story contains a variety of captivating aspects, including seven lengthy chapters, sixty stages, and several obstacles. Even in terms of weapons, the game exceeds expectations with an ever-expanding arsenal of firearms, explosives, and melee weapons.

In addition, Into the Dead features immersive areas that encourage exploration. And if you don’t want to be confined to the same plot, you have the opportunity to participate in daily special event modes where you may also obtain a large number of rare rewards.


15) Vector 2:

games for iOS and iPad offlineI would recommend Vector 2 if you’re searching for an offline iPhone game for flights. This game is simple to play and will easily consume hours of your otherwise monotonous flight time. In Vector 2, you are a test subject who must sprint across multiple floors of a laboratory, avoiding obstacles and completing trick jumps and slides, in a dystopian setting. You will be able to utilize the upgrade tokens you earn after each level to, among other things, strengthen your armor.

This iPhone game offers a simple control scheme and uses swipe motions for jumping, sliding, and accelerating. This indicates that there is no high learning curve. However, the game itself becomes increasingly difficult to win, and the randomly generated levels ensure that it is always thrilling and fresh.


16) NFS No Limits:

NFS No Limits

Need for Speed is a well-known franchise, and if you’re looking for an offline iPhone racing game, NFS No Limits is likely one of your finest options. The game begins with you being apprehended by police for racing, after which you must create your garage from scratch. You can accomplish this by competing in and winning many chapter-spanning races.

Once you have, so to speak, defeated all the mini-bosses, you will race against the best racer in the city and defeat him to complete the game. NFS No Limits is an easy-to-play racing game with stunning visuals, various race kinds, and locations you will encounter.


17) GTA San Andreas (Best Offline Paid Games)

offline iphone games

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas needs no introduction to anyone who has not been living under a big rock for the past decade. San Andreas, is arguably one of the best Grand Theft Auto games, that you can enjoy on your iPhone. And with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas available on the iPhone, it is without a doubt one of the best offline iPhone games for everyone.

You play as Carl Johnson, who returns to San Andreas following a family tragedy, and as usual in Grand Theft Auto, trouble follows you around the vast area. If you’ve been seeking for a fun game to play on your iPhone while offline, go ahead and purchase GTA San Andreas. I’m not going to pretend that you need to be reminded of the plot of this legendary title.


18) Alto’s Adventure:

Alto's adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an infinite runner that will satisfy your craving for skiing. Take control of Alto and ski down the Andean hills while collecting cash and avoiding obstacles.

Use touch controls to make Alto jump or grind, and perform stunts to rack up points. The full game can be played offline, so you may enjoy your Andean journey while riding the train. This game never ends, so if you are waiting without Wi-Fi, you can play it to pass the time.


19) Civilization VI:

best offline games iOS

Civilization VI is the latest entry in the long-running franchise in which you attempt to govern the planet throughout history as the leader of your people. Civ is a turn-based game that takes hours to complete but is playable in short bursts. It features real-world leaders, geographical names, and historical landmarks. This makes it ideal for iOS devices.

Local and online multiplayer modes are available, but an offline AI campaign provides more than enough entertainment for a lengthy commute or flight. There are various methods to play Civilization on your phone if Civilization VI does not appeal.


20) New York Times Crossword


The Will Shortz-edited New York Times Crossword is the gold standard of daily puzzles. The New York Times Crossword app provides daily access to the most recent puzzle, as well as a complete database of older puzzles. In addition to puzzles, the app contains a variety of other functions. Keep track of your streaks on the Stats page, do puzzles from the past in the Archive, or purchase special crossword packs.

You can either subscribe to the digital edition of The New York Times or purchase a Crossword subscription individually. If you do not subscribe, you will only be able to access the daily Mini crossword, which is a delight in its own right but not quite as entertaining as a full puzzle.

While you must be online to download new crosswords, you can save an unlimited number of them for offline play. When you use the internet to download new crosswords, it will be useful to employ strategies to limit mobile data usage and save money on data costs.


21) Limbo

ipad games offline

Limbo is a puzzle-based adventure game that I would recommend playing if you’re interested. Set in a terrifying realm, the game will test you to your very core. Regarding the gameplay, you must assume the role of a young kid who enters limbo to save his sister.

You must contend with a terrifying wilderness, dangerous spiders, and unanticipated obstacles. To overcome each obstacle, you must think imaginatively and solve difficult challenges. The game will challenge your patience to the limit; therefore, do not become discouraged, as the clues may be concealed.

Though I also had difficulty overcoming unforeseen difficulties, I was eventually able to find my mojo. Once I had mastered the obstacles, the gameplay never felt too difficult to me. Despite the fact that this is a fairly ancient game, it never seems to astound me.


22) N.O.V.A Legacy:

Nova legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is yet another offline shooter that merits a home in our collection. This FPS multiplayer action game’s classic shooting feel is my favorite aspect. With this game, you can challenge the renowned Gameloft FPS series.

As for the gameplay, you must assume the position of retired N.O.V. pilot Kal Wardin. A veteran who has been called upon to engage in combat once more in defense of the Colonial Administration forces. Notably, the game contains an engaging story mode in which you can demonstrate your shooting skills to learn the truth.

In addition, N.O.V.A. Legacy includes powerful shadow events in which you can combat aliens in difficult limited-time events. Moreover, if you enjoy deathmatch or battle royale games, you can select to engage in a six-person gunfight to be the last player standing. Keep in mind that the death match is quite difficult, so you must be at your absolute best to eliminate your opponents. Overall, this is also one of the best iPhone multiplayer games available.


23. Alto’s Odyssey

best offline games for iphone

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure is titled Alto’s Odyssey, and it maintains all of the qualities that made the first installment enjoyable while also introducing some new elements. This game feels more like an add-on than a real sequel because it features new gameplay, characters, and locales. It also features new music and new characters.

However, if you like Adventure, you will also enjoy Odyssey, which focuses more on extreme sports than Adventure does on collection. If you like Adventure, you will enjoy Odyssey.


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Final Words:

These are the best offline games for iPhone that you can play in your free time. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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