On its 10th Birthday, Apple’s iPhone Finds itself at a Crossroads

On its 10th Birthday, Apple’s iPhone Finds itself at a Crossroads. 10 years ago Steve Jobs revealed a device that transformed the mobile phone industry completely. That phone was the iPhone that has made Apple one of the most valuable companies in the world.

The iPhone will turn 10 on June 29, 2017. Its been a long journey for Apple to get such fame and popularity. The device proceeded to present a totally new set of mobile phones prevalent today as smartphones. Coupled with others of its type, the iPhone set up a product line that has also altered the software, music and marketing industries.

On its 10th Birthday, Apple’s iPhone Finds itself at a Crossroads

Others who must be appreciated include, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniakhis, CEO Tim Cook and visionary designer Sir Jony Ive. They have played a key role in setting off the smartphone uprising.

Economist Mariana Mazzucato has also emphasized a dozen hardware and software technologies essential for a smartphone to work. These comprise hardware constituents like microprocessors, memory chips, solid state hard drives, liquid crystal displays and lithium-based batteries.

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Proceeding the software front the basics comprise Fast-Fourier-Transform algorithms, the internet, HTTP and HTML language protocols, cellular networks, Global Positioning Systems or GPS, touchscreens and Siri. An outstanding feature common to all the above-mentioned technologies is the first government funding they enjoyed.

Some of the famous cases include the World Wide Web. Whereas other less renowned but no less key examples include the Fast-Fourier-Transform family of algorithms that digitized telephone and television analogue signals.

Even touchscreens are based on preliminary research by EA Johnson, an engineer at the Royal Radar Establishment. Later on the multi-touch technology was commercialized by University of Delaware researchers in the United States and then retailed to Apple.

Its worth-mentioning that Silicon Valley itself is obligated to Fairchild Semiconductor which made practical incorporated circuits. And depended on military attainment in its initial days.

Taking everything into account it can be evaluated that without government support its difficult for a company to carry on its work. Profit by private enterprise can become a reality following government assistance.

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