OneDrive for Android Gets Dark Mode- Here’s How to Activate it

Daily I come to know about apps getting dark mode feature to save user’s eye sights. I don’t understand whether this Dark theme is a trend or these tech giants are really thinking for solutions to provide better experience to users. Well it is a separate detail but today we have come to know that OneDrive for Android has received Dark Mode. iOS users had received dark mode six months back, so Microsoft was late when it comes to launching this feature for Android version of the app.

OneDrive for Android Gets Dark Mode

As this tech world these days is all about LED displays, which have welcomed darker themes and modes in all big app including WhatsApp, Google Play Store, Facebook Lite, Gmail and uncountable other apps. OLED screen displays black by turning off some of the pixels. In this way, darker themes consumes less energy. Furthermore Dark Modes are also good for eyes in low light areas.

Almost six months after bringing Dark Mode to OneDrive on iOS, Microsoft is enabling the visual option on the Android version of the app, MSPoweruser reports. With OLED displays becoming more common, darker themes and modes started to appear in many mobile apps, including Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook Lite, Google Translate and more. OLED technology displays black by turning off individual pixels, so the darker the theme, the less energy the device consumes. Besides energy efficiency benefits, Dark Mode is also much easier on the eyes in low-light conditions. Microsoft is rolling out the new features with version 6.0.1 of the app with another little tweak in the Photos tab. Users will get a trip down memory lane with the option to revisit old photos taken on the same day in previous years. To activate Dark Mode in OneDrive, go to the Settings menu on the homes screen, and tap on the Theme option. You can then choose Light, Dark or System Default. The last one will use the Global theme settings of the device. This option is useful when you want to schedule different themes for different times of the day - Dark Mode activating at sunset, for example.

Microsoft is launching this dark mode feature for version 6.0.1 of the app.  However many would be confused on the activation of dark mode.

To activate Dark Mode for OneDrive, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu on the homes screen
  • Click on the Theme option.
  • Choose Light, Dark or System Default.
  • Upon choosing System Default, Global theme settings of the device will be activate
  • With these options, you can also schedule different themes for different times of the day

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