OnePlus Cofounder Carl Pei Says Good-Bye to the Company

Its been almost seven years that the OnePlus joins the smartphone industry and compete successfully with others. But now the company may experience a big shakeup in its leadership. Some leaked documents suggest that the company’s co-founder Carl Pei is leaving the company. So, in future, we can see the leadership change in the company.

OnePlus Cofounder Carl Pei Says Good-Bye to the Company

For readers information, Carl Pei was one of the founders of OnePlus, alongside Pete Lau. He helped the company to turn from a little-known “startup” into one of the most popular Android smartphone brands worldwide. But unfortunately, the leaks suggest that now he left his role at the company after nearly seven years.

At the moment, no one knows whether Pei left the company by choice or he has been fired. According to Androidpolice, “We reached out to OnePlus for a statement, and a spokesperson declined to comment. That adds more credibility to the story — if it were false, it would be extremely easy for OnePlus to outright deny it. OnePlus’ other co-founder, Pete Lau, is still at the company and holds the position of CEO. However, he has diverted some of his attention away from OnePlus, as he took on a limited role at its parent company OPPO in August.:”

NOTE:  Android Central has also confirmed with sources that Carl Pei is no longer at the company. TechCrunch reported that Lau is also starting his own venture. There is no detail about it yet but he is already in talks with investors.

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