OnePlus First 5G Smartphone to Come in 2019

So many mobile manufacturers are planning to release their 5G smartphones next year. Qualcomm has also announced that besides introducing its new Snapdragon 675 Mobile Platform, it is also planning to release at least two 5G smartphones early next year. One of these two 5G smartphones could be released by OnePlus. It will be OnePlus First 5G Smartphone.
Carl Pei took, a Co-founder of the company announced at Qualcomm’s event that back in August the company has already conducted a successful 5G test and that it is all set to bring a 5G smartphone to the market very soon.

OnePlus First 5G Smartphone will Appear in 2019

As we all know that OnePlus launches flagships only, so we can assume that the OnePlus 7 will be slightly more expensive because of the addition of 5G technology.
Moreover, Pakistan is all set to launch 5G technology soon. So, once all the smartphones with 5G come to the market, people in Pakistan will also enjoy to use them.
It will be a huge change if 5G services in Pakistan launches next year. The 3G/4G subscribers in Pakistan are around 56 million with 75% teledensity. It shows that the Balochistan areas are still not covered with 4G access. Furthermore, 46% of users in Balochistan has no access to mobile or any landline facility.

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