OnePlus First 5G Smartphone to Launch Next Year with New Design and Branding

A few months back, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau gave the idea that the company is collaborating with US carriers for releasing OnePus first 5G smartphone. At that time we thought that OnePlus 7 would be the first device enabled with 5G.

OnePlus First 5G Smartphone to come with new Branding

However, according to new development, the first handset to support 5G will kick off a whole new line of phones for the company. In short OnePlus 7 will not be the first 5G model.

As OnePlus 7 will not offer next-generation data speeds, the company will definitely introduce a new smartphone line by the start of the upcoming year. It is expected that 5G phone will be a bit more expensive so  OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T will be less expensive.

The expensive 5G enabled OnePlus would have a new name and a new design. We can expect the device to be launched in Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade fair to be held in Barcelona from February 25th through February 28th.

Moreover, Pakistan is all set to launch 5G technology soon. So, once all the smartphones with 5G come to the market, people in Pakistan will also enjoy to use them.

It will be a huge change if 5G services in Pakistan launches next year. The 3G/4G subscribers in Pakistan are around 56 million with 75% teledensity. It shows that the Balochistan areas are still not covered with 4G access. Furthermore, 46% of users in Balochistan has no access to mobile or any landline facility.

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