OnePlus TV will get Android OS

OnePlus TV has been certified by Google

Earlier, OnePlus confirmed that its first smart TV’s name would be OnePlus TV. According to the company, this name will represent the company’s value, vision, and pride. But now, OnePlus TV has been certified by Google. Currently, it is how it looks like in the picture. Google has published all the smart gadgets that are certified according to different needs. For instance, smart gadget’s compatibility with the Google Play Store.

OnePlus TV
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OnePlus TV X Google

Now, a new OnePlus smart equipment appears on the Googe’s Play Store list. The name of this equipment is “Oneplus_Dosa_IN”. This name does not give a hint but strongly indicates that is OnePlus TV’s gadget. This smart TV was also certified by Bluetooth SIG. This Bluetooth certification implied in several countries. The US was among them. It was assumed that the company is ready to launch its smart TV in many countries. But, now the news says that OnePlus TV will launch the very next month in India only. The company’s idea is to launch its gadget in Europe, North America, and China but it did not provide any further details.

Though, this OnePlus smart product cannot cut out the company’s other products but can work along with them. Like a user can connect it with a smartphone or any other IoT gadget. Even after the launch decision in India, the company did not give the hint that if it is going to launch any other smart gadget after the OnePlus TV.

Due to the best experience, the company decided to run its device i.e. OnePlus TV on Android. Choosing Android as an operating system is best as users are familiar with it. They know the pros and cons of Android. So, they won’t enter into any kind of difficulty by using Android. Let us wait until further news.

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