Online Jobs: A New Approach to Earning

Nobody will give you your dream job – just create it yourself

The booming technologies and latest online economies have created place for thousands of individuals to work online every day. Individuals with different backgrounds can incorporate their capabilities in variety of fields, which is an easy and interesting approach to earning. In this way, today’s multiple innovations have molded creative ways of earning money for people and doing what they enjoy i-e; by having jobs that one can carry out through PC, tablet or even cell phone.

Why the Trend of Online Jobs is increasing?

  • Online jobs are basically for the people who love staying at home or can’t do a full time job due to any personal reason. The work could be done anytime and at any place as long as one has an internet connection and a PC or a Smartphone.
  • Online jobs are entitled for all age people-there is no age constraint. “Online Business Services” can be provided by old age people as well as youngsters.
  • With some level of proficiency in any field a student can easily work from home or college and earn money. The trend is so common that by November 2013, in America one out of three people was a freelancer.
  • Online working is actually independent working where a person can work in his/her own style. It also helps in giving a new exposure to fresh graduates and makes them prepare for future jobs.
  • Little efforts, exertions and determination is required in this field and once you get yourself active online and starts to research and read more, there will be more opportunities available for you.

Bring success to what you do, take control of your future


Due to all these reasons, it is easy to understand that why online jobs are so common these days, as they help the individuals in alternative ways of income to fund their lifestyles. One should choose a job to build his dreams, or someone else will hire him to build his.

No doubt due to the political instability and weak economic situation, Pakistan is going through hard times and the youth is disappointed due to unemployment. They are not getting jobs despite of much qualification. But where there is will, there is a way. Freelancing has now reached its peak and people all over the world are now leaving their day jobs and are working from the comfort of their homes. Valda Mikalauskaite, is the main designer at ClickDo Ltd. She left her full-time career and started providing her services as freelancer for several businesses and authors around the world while managing her time for the projects at ClickDo Ltd.


Pakistani freelancers are also earning through giant online workspaces like oDesk and Elance. In its Annual Impact Report of 2014, Elance and oDesk outlined that Pakistan stand on 5th number among 180 countries of the world in terms of the highest earnings index through freelancing. There are wide variety of online jobs that one can pick from, according to his interests and abilities. The top online jobs include; virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, translator, web developer/designer, call center representative, tech support specialist, travel agent, teacher, writer/editor and online marketer.

Online Jobs

Elance and oDesk can be proved best platforms with variety of opportunities for an emerging market like Pakistan. Our country is swarming with talent and right potential and now with the launch of 3G and 4G, the improvement in online jobs will increase tenfold. The opportunities of freelancing and outsourcing and countless and this is the reason why sites like Odesk and Elance are a great success around the world. Keeping in view the immense prospects freelancing, Pakistan’s first local online marketplace for freelancers and recruiters was launched recently, known as Rozgar Pakistan. It is built on the well-established model of freelancer sites.  In a net shell, we can say that there are many advantages of online jobs and it’s a new approach of earning in recent years. Nobody will give you your dream job – you just make it for yourself. Your dream job is at your one right click.

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