Only 0.21% Window Users have Upgraded to Windows 11

After all the rumors and different claims, last month Microsoft officially launched Windows 11. Among the new upgraded features the new Windows has a redesigned UI, new widgets and a new Microsoft Store. Users with Windows 10 PCs can directly upgrade to it. After a whole month of its launch, the number of users who have upgraded to the new version is negligible. According to a recent study by Lansweeper, only 0.21% Window users have upgraded to Windows 11.

IT asset management outfit Lansweeper has published these results of a 10 million PC survey that gives the new operating system a 0.21 per cent market share., even though the new upgrade is for free. These results came as a surprise as Windows 11 was the fifth most popular Windows operating system.

It is very ironic, that there are more PC users still on Windows XP about 3.62% and Windows 7 and Windows 8 have more users at 5.98% and 4.86%, respectively. With such percentages it is very hard to be optimistic about the users’ embracing the new upgrade.

The question that needs to be addressed is WHY PC users are not upgrading? Is it because the new OS have bugs and performance issues, like the AMD laptops found last month. Or is it the users are more comfortable with version they have? Switching to the new upgrade will be threatening their comfort zone.

It is no big secret that the PC Users are purposely avoiding the upgrade. As for the enterprises they might not take up the upgrade for at least a year or more after release.

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