Opera for Android 50 Gets Better Ad Blocker, Fast Scroller, PIP & Much More

Recently, Opera has introduced a new update for its browser on Android, that brings the version to 50. This new version comes with some of the amazing new features that include a new picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, improvements to its in-built ad-blocker, enhancements to the fast scroll feature and much more. You can download the Opera for Android 50 update from the Google Play store. So if you are using Android phones then you can easily get the new version of Opera for Android.

Opera for Android 50 Gets Better Ad Blocker, Fast Scroller, PIP & Much More

The update to Opera for Android 50 comes with the ability to disable the ad-blocker for individual websites and that can be done with only two taps. By tapping the green lock symbol that is present on the left of the website address bar will show you options to exclude that website from ad blocking.

Peter Wallman, SVP browsers at Opera said:

“We want website publishers to be able to ask users to turn off their ad blocker for their websites. This enhancement to our ad blocker will allow users to benefit from having an ad blocker always on while disabling it on specific websites.”

The new PiP mode allows you to watch a video from a website while using other apps. Moreover, a fast scroll handle allows you to scroll down or up to a long webpage even faster.  Other changes include more accessible site storage and cookie settings, “Open” option added for PDF or Doc files in the download dialog box, Dark CSS theme support, added three new language translations and now uses the Chromium 71 rendering engine.

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