Smart Phone Operating Systems: An Analysis

In today’s world smart phones are actually small pocket PCs and therefore the operating systems they run on, has a huge impact on their presentation, performance and their power saving options. There are various operating systems that smart phones are using nowadays for example Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, RIM’s Blackberry and Nokia Symbian. Such operating systems are judged by their features and their ease of use. Recently the general public votes are pointing towards Android and iPhone operating systems. Both of these OS’s are built for internet centric devices and both of these OS’s not only have  functional capabilities but are also user friendly and fun to use. However comparing these two operating systems, the iPhone OS beats Android mainly because they lack restrictions on third party developers.The Blackberry operating system on the other hand, is doing a pretty good and solid job for maintaining its strengths while keeping up to date as compared to the Windows Mobile operating system.

With the continuous growth in sales of smart-phones, Android has extended its lead over other operating systems as the number one operating system for smart phones in the second quarter of the year 2011. According to latest reports Android covered 43.4% of market shares with 46.8 million smart phones sold which were based on the Android Operating System. Symbian which is second to the Android operating system captured 22.1% of the market share for smart phones with 23 million smart phone units sold. “Cupertino” which is a California based company, ranked as second among smart phone manufacturers has  the IOS operating system, ranked as the third largest operating system for smart phones. It covers 18.2% of the total market shares.

The following is the approximate information regarding the market penetrations and number of units sold.

Operating System

Market Percentage

Smart phones sold in Millions







*iPhone OS



*The items sold are for both the iPhone and iPad.

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