Oppo and Vivo Will Also Start Mass Production of Foldable Smartphones After Xiaomi

A Chinese microblogging website and tipster disclosed that foldable displays are targeting mass production for upcoming smartphones of Oppo and Vivo. Xiaomi has already launched a foldable smartphone this year.

Digital Chat Station posted the details on the online platform and announced that Oppo and Vivo working on two models; one is with an 8″ flexible screen and the other has a 7″ foldable screen, both displays fold inside. The leaks also mentioned that at the beginning of January, the Oppo 7-inches panel was also near to large-scale production. However, an exact time is yet to be decided for its commercial launch.

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After Xiaomi, Other Chinese Companies Oppo and Vivo Will Also Start Mass Production of Foldable Smartphones

Oppo and Vivo

The Vivo foldable smartphones would come with their 8-inches foldable screen, with an amazing hinge design. It still supports a fast refresh rate and has a size of 6.5 inches in folded shape. Xiaomi recently released the first foldable smartphone, which will allow us to expect other Chinese companies like Vivo and Oppo to start their own versions soon. The exact start dates for these products are unfortunately not currently disclosed.

Moreover, in the second half of this year, new foldable gadgets from such manufacturers are expected to hit the market. This means that it will also be possible to expect more competition in the foldable mobile industry in 2021, and prices for these high-end smartphones will be more stable and become affordable.

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