OPPO F19’s Massive 5000mAh Battery with 33W Flash Charge offers insane run time

Are you ready to be blown away by the global leading smart device OPPO once again? A brand-new Chic-Tech product of OPPO F Series – OPPO F19 now comes with 5000mAh Battery that compliments its Ultra Slim Design. Plus, a 33W Flash Charge is a perfect amalgamation of strong battery power.

Equipped with 5000mAh battery capacity, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power at any hangout. It also reduces the number of times the mobile phone needs to be charged and this prolongs its service life. The feature ensures that the battery of your phone does not die instantly.

You can always switch on the Super Nighttime Standby mode which only consumes 2% battery between the hours of 23:00 PM and 07:00 AM. From the hours of 00:00 AM to 6:00 AM, OPPO F19 Pro stops charging automatically when reaching 80% to avoid damage through overcharging. Isn’t it amazing that this feature learns your sleep habits and adapts accordingly? The phone also has Superpower Saving Mode due to which, F19 kicks in a critical battery saving mode which uses power-saving strategies to stop your phone’s battery from dying completely. Not to forget, the ultra slim design which compliments every look. The design uses die-casting aluminum alloy techniques and the thickness of the thinnest part of the motherboard cover is as little as 0.21mm, which is challenging the industry’s technological limit slim design doesn’t mean it’s not strong, because the materials on both the sides of the battery are made to withstand any fall.

OPPO F19's Massive 5000mAh Battery

OPPO’s new 33W Flash Charge feature makes it stand out. It is perfect for users who have constant use of their phones and need to quickly charge their phones. Now you can stop worrying about your phone’s battery and focus on talking to your friends, using Instagram and clicking pictures! It quickly charges the battery for 30min to help you get going on busy mornings. As we all know, finding outdoor charging places is always a hassle, but with OPPO F19 you can get adequate power and whenever the device can get charged, it will quickly replenish its battery in a short span of time. It’s like all you battery issues will be gone within minutes!

OPPO F19’s powerful display, slim body and strong power will get the users hooked. Along with Flash Charge it also has high performance and high efficiency with 6GB RAM and 12GB ROM. This phone will run smoothly even after long-term use. With high storage capacity, you can take as many pictures and videos as you want.

All these amazing features of OPPO F19 are available just for Rs. 39,999/- in the eye-catching colors: Prism Black and Midnight Blue. So get yours now by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3wB0S1J  and make your lives easier and better!

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